Hi there ~ my name is Shannon and I figured I might just start a little blog relating to my love of books. Yep, this is going to be added to the massive amount of book blogs already featured on the good old internet. I honestly don’t know how it will go, I could be 100% dedicated to it… as much as I’m dedicated to my books. But… it could also be a hugely massive flop. There’s just no telling really.

Anyhow, a little about myself. I’ve already said my name so I won’t go over that again. But I am a 19 book lover (obviously) from the wonderfully rainy wonderland that is England. Born and raised is the incredibly picturesque county of Norfolk. I currently live at home with my mum, her partner and our little (well.. not so little now) bundle of kitty goodness, Jessy.

I’ve been a lover of books since before I can remember, it was always something my mum encouraged me to engage in. That and art/drawing. Unfortunately I fell into a massive reading slump for a good couple of years, I would buy books but never managed to get the commitment to read them. This past year however I’ve started to find that reading spark coming back into my life. I’ve been finding myself wanting to read, wanting to get lost in the wondrous world that the thousands of authors around the world have created.

In terms of my personal taste when it comes to themes/genres… well lets just say I’m a massive YA fan. I find them so easy to get lost in, so easy to create my own mental world which portrays the book I’m reading. I’ll be honest in saying that I follow a lot of the popular trends when it comes to books. But how else do we discover the wonders of the paper world, when books become popular it must be for a reason right? So who I am to deny myself the opportunity of seeing what many others have seen. That’s how I look at it anyhow.

Dystopian. My other love. This one isn’t just limited to books though. I love the dystopian theme across the board, whether it be books, movies, tv shows or video games. Something about the society we live in being turnt on its head is fascinating to me. I’m one of those who likes to imagine myself in a position in which some of the characters of the books I read face themselves in.

Now, I can’t guarantee I’ll update this blog massively quickly. I can’t guarantee I’ll stick to it. Although, I can promise that I will try my very hardest for that to not be the case. In terms of the content I’ll post… I hope it will be variety of book related topics. Reviews, current reads, wishlists, discussion on themes, characters and ideas that I think would be awesome written into a story. That’s just the start. I could probably expand that list dramatically.

I’m going to leave my introduction there. I’m one who’ll carry on forever unless I stop myself. I will say this, feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions, I’m always up for listening to my fellow bookworms ideas. Happy reading guys~!

Shannon ~^.^~


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