First Impressions

So I went against my own rule of only reading one book at a time.. woops. I couldn’t help myself and started reading one of my recent purchases, ‘The Darkest Minds’ by Alexandra Bracken. The blurb just grabbed me and I wanted to know more, anything involving some kind of power element will always be a weak spot of mine.

I’m only 100 pages in and I’ve got to admit I’m hooked. I love the author’s writing style and I love the way the main character Ruby acts and talks. I always think that a lot of novels with that human super power element included tend to loose their main characters humanity. This isn’t the case in this book, the panic and fear and feeling of sickness that she continuously comes across is such a human response and one of which I think a lot of us would sympathise with if we where such a young person in her position. The idea of essentially growing up in a camp away from society because she was simply ‘different’ is unfortunately one of reality, many of us know the stories of concentration camps, the strict regimes and routines that where put in place. I can help but compare, it’s what I instantly thought of.

But away from the darker elements shining through I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this story heads, how Ruby’s power develops.. but actually the feelings that strongly resigns within me is one of wanting to shield her from the world. I’m not quite sure why I feel the need to protect her, I have a feeling its to do with her lack of human contact, real human contact… human relationships. The fact she trusted Cate so easily and has such a sudden dislike of Martin (although, I don’t think he’s all that charming so I see why she has a dislike of him) simply makes me want to personally guide her through the outside world. The one she’s been hidden away from for so long.

To sum up my first impression of this book… I really really want to know more. The idea of surviving in a broken society whilst trying to hide the fact you have what’s classed as a ‘dangerous power’ is essentially right up my ally. It’s dark and gritty but no so much so that it makes you squirm in disgust… it’s basically not to much, not to little. I look forward to continuing that’s for sure.



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