Book Merch Haul #1 [& A Mini Candle Review]

IMG_20160905_163821[1]We all love books and I think I can say that most of us also love bookish merch. Unfortunately not a lot of us can afford it very often. I’ve got to be honest.. every time I get paid there’s always so much bookish merch I want to get my hands on. Whether it be book subscription boxes, bookmarks, prints, mugs… you name it… however one of the biggest pulls for me in terms of bookish merch is candles. Now there’s a lot of candle shops who work on just bookish scents however the wonderful ‘MerakiCandles‘ is, in my opinion, one of the best… in terms of both smell and packaging. I think the only shop that could rival them in terms of packaging is ‘In The Wick of Time‘.

As it is however… MerakiCandles is UK based and happens to offer some of the better prices among a lot of candle shops. Also.. as it is with a lot of things, a lot of the more ‘popular/well known‘ bookish candle shops happen to be based in the US. And unfortunately because of that they have massive shipping bills which I refuse to even consider paying! Sorry.

So yeah, if you like your bookish candles and you’re based in the UK/Europe then I highly suggest checking out MerakiCandles. Honestly the two candles I purchased, named and based off of Rhysand and the Night Court from ACOMAF, smell absolutely to die for. The Night Court candle is slightly stronger and has more of an impact where as the Rhysand candle is more subtle and sweeter… but both impressed me a hell of a lot more than I thought they would to be honest!

The Rhysand candle consists of ‘sea breeze, sandalwood and jasmine

The Night Court candle consists of ‘Jasmine and Sandalwood myrrh

IMG_20160905_160706[1]Honestly my review of these candles would be a 5/5 – they smell and look incredible. They arrived amazingly quick (although I couldn’t pick them up for 2 days unfortunately) and the box they arrived in was packed to brim with bubble wrap. Couldn’t ask for more really. And I’m so happy to say I finally have a bit of bookish merch to my name. Slowly but surely my collection will grow hopefully.

Links to the shops mentioned;
MerakiCandles; Etsy
In The Wick Of Time; Website, Etsy


Questions of the day;
What bookish merch do you own?
What’s your favourite ‘bookish merch’ company/shop?


Thanks for reading – Shannon.


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