10 Popular/Well Known Series’ I Haven’t Read!

So I’ll be honest in saying that there are some very popular and well known series’ out there that I haven’t read. However every single one of these series’ below I do want to read and will get round to completing… eventually. I know with the majority of these series’ that I will indeed be part of the minority who haven’t read them but as it is… that’s just the way it goes. So please… don’t judge me… although I know for some people that will be very hard… I think I’d judge myself in reality… I’m just super terrible. That much I know.


228419941. The ‘Harry Potter‘ series by J.K Rowling

I know, I know. This is probably the most shocking series on the list. Everyone knows of Harry Potter and many people had their childhoods infused with it. I personally grew up watching all the movies however as a younger child I wasn’t interested in reading anything other than Jacqueline Wilson’s works. As I’ve grown up the series just hadn’t made any appearance in my imitate tbr list however… I will get round to reading them. I currently have the first 4 books on my shelf and am planning on getting the remaining books by the end of this year. I’m hoping to do a marathon of this whole series at the start of 2017.

So yeah… don’t worry I know I’m beyond behind on the Harry Potter hype train.

2566832. ‘The Mortal Instruments‘ series by Cassandra Clare 

I may or may not own the entire box set of this series… and I may in fact own 2 different copies of the first 4 books. I know.. shocking. This series actually massively intrigues me and I do really want to start it but with the hype and love surrounding it, plus the fact it has so many other books connected to it (‘The Infernal Devices’ for example) just utterly scares the living daylights out of me. Again, much like the Harry Potter series, this is a series I do want to start at the start of next year with the hope of getting them all read by the end of the year.

Don’t hold me to that though.

28187 3. The ‘Percy Jackson‘ series by Rick Riordan

I don’t even own a copy of this series and contrary to many people’s opinions actually massively enjoyed the movie (the second one was a bit… naff though). So with that one would think I’d jump on board these books rather quickly… as it is this is another series, much like ‘The Mortal Instruments’, which has so many books connected to it that the idea of being able to catch up feels impossible. In saying that novels surrounding Greek mythology are ones that I do massively enjoy so maybe one day I’ll find the courage to delve into these.

Fingers crossed.

61863574. ‘The Maze Runner‘ series by James Dashner

This series actually actually seems to have very mixed votes… some people love it and some people just can’t get their heads into it. I’m actually really looking forward to starting this series but believe it or not I’m actually one of the very few people who enjoy watching the movies before reading the books. I think that’s what I’m holding out for… I’ve watched the first two movies in relation to this series and absolutely loved them. Genuinely a big fan of the movies and I think I’ve got my mind set on seeing the 3rd film before I start on these novels.

I already can tell you that Minho is just heaven!

27670525. ‘The Hunger Games‘ series by Suzanne Collins 

I may own all the books. I may have already watched all 3 movies. I may not want to delve further into this world because I may or may not possibly feel like the books won’t add anything to the experience. I know… in the majority of cases the book is very much better than the movie but somehow the Hunger Games movies felt complete and well done. I almost don’t want to ruin that by reading the books… a very backwards way of thinking I’m aware. Maybe one day I’ll pick them up… but as it is right now, I’m in no rush to do so.

161011286. ‘The 5th Wave‘ series by Rick Yancey

This is another series I’ve heard very mixed views about. I have seen the first movie and thought it was ok… I have a feeling this will be a case of ‘the book is better’. But as it is I’ve felt no real urge to read them… despite being a massive dystopian lover. The main synopsis of this series has always interested me but never fully grabbed me and held me by the throat threatening to end me if I did read them. It’s one of those series that I’ll get round to reading eventually when nothing else in my shelves calls out to me.


186606697. The ‘Vampire Academy’ series by Richelle Mead

This is a series I’m actually massively looking forward to delving into but as it is.. apart from being someone who prefers watching the movie before reading the book, I’m also someone who likes to have the whole series before starting them. I currently only own the first two and want to collect the rest before starting… this is another series I’m hoping to marathon in 2017. I was massively disappointed the movie didn’t get the hype is deserved and wasn’t continued on… but in saying that, it just makes me want jump head first into the books even more.

I do love me some vampire goodness!

133350378. The ‘Divergent‘ series by Veronica Roth

This is a series I’m not massively hyped about reading. As it is this series is one of very few occasions where I wish I’d of read the books first. Plus I was massively spoiled for the last book and it’s kind of put me off wanting to start them. I loved the whole atmosphere of the first story line but by what I’ve heard (and having seen the second movie) they do massively sway in their story lines. If the concept of the first book/movie had been stuck too I think I would have picked up the series by now but as it is… it’s going to be another one of those series I only pick up when I have nothing else to read.


135193979. The ‘Throne of Glass‘ series by Sarah J. Maas

Just wait before you judge me on this one… I’ve only added this to the list because I’m not up to date with the series. I have actually read the first book.. and massively loved it… I simply haven’t gotten round to reading the rest of the series. Plus I’ve been exposed to minor spoilers which have somewhat put a downer on it for now… which is a shame because I’m a massive fan of Maas’ writing style and the worlds in which she creates. I know… give it some time… I will very much be up to date with this series soon enough. It’s just getting round to it when I’ve got other books calling out to me (Yeah.. I’m looking at you ‘The Sleeping Prince’, ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Cinder’!)

1767546210. ‘The Raven Cycle’ by Maggie Stievater

This is another series I have actually started… in fact started reading ‘The Raven Boys’ a couple of years ago but at the time I was in the midst of a years long reading slump and therefore my heart wasn’t really into it. As it is this is a series I also want to try and marathon next year as the whole concept really is up my alley… and with a new reading head on my shoulders I’m actually looking forward to delving into them. This is probably the series I know less about in terms of what happens in the later books and I’m actually extremely excited to see what happens and how this series develops for sure!

Plus can we just appreciate how beautiful every single one of the covers in this series are please!!

So that wraps up my top 10 popular/well known series’ that I haven’t read. What are your thought on each series? Have you read them? Or are you like me and haven’t yet jumped on board their individual trains yet? I’m interested to see just how many people haven’t read some of these guys… I know some of them will be a shock to some of you, Harry Potter I think is the most shocking, however you’d be surprised just how many people haven’t read them… or at least haven’t read all of them!

Either way I hope you enjoyed today’s post and don’t judge me too harshly on some of my choices… there are also some more series’ I could in fact add to this list but I think I would essentially be digging myself a very deep grave if I delved out all my secrets so I think I’ll keep some away from the public eye.. for now!

Thanks for reading!
Shannon x

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4 thoughts on “10 Popular/Well Known Series’ I Haven’t Read!

  1. Jess (beaucoupbooks) says:

    I haven’t read Harry Potter either! Well, I did read the first novel and then gave up on the second one… I loved Divergent but the third book, Allegiant, is probably the worst book I’ve ever read. SO disappointing! I love Vampire Academy and The Raven Cycle series though, I hope you like them 😀


    • mediashadowreads says:

      A lot of people just seemed to grow up reading Harry Potter but I think I was just one of the few who didn’t.. I’ve heard the same thing about Allegiant from multiple people so I think that might be a series I don’t start for a while. I really want to read the Vampire Academy series… I loved the movie and was so disappointed when they weren’t going to continue it. The Raven Cycle is one I started a long time ago but only got 1/4 of the way through the first book before a major years long slump hit me… hopefully I’ll pick them up eventually 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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