Fairy Loot’s November ‘Royals & Rogues’ Box – Unboxing & Review


Ok, so I officially decided to join onto the book subscription box hype this month and decided to take the plunge with the amazing Fairy Loot. This month’s theme was ‘Royals and Rogues‘ and was said to be perfect for fans of ‘A Court of Mist and Fury‘, ‘Red Queen‘, ‘The Wrath and The Dawn‘ and books alike. As my first proper subscription box I can genuinely say I was extremely excited and I’ve got to admit… I was not disappointed.cymera_20161117_150544

Can we just admire how utterly beautiful the info card that comes in the box is?! Fit’s the theme perfectly. These cards I believe are always included in Fairy Loot’s boxes and have all the info on about what items are included and who they are from.

The first official item we have is a gorgeous double sided ‘Red Queen‘ inspired print from two wonderful artists; Lovelyowlbooks created the quote print and Bookotter created the illustration print. As a massive lover of ‘Red Queen‘ I was beyond happy to see this particular item!

We then had an additional print related to the book ‘Wolf by Wolf‘ – ‘Once upon a different time, there was a girl who lived in a kingdom of death’…. definitely makes me want to read that book! (ie. I’m unsure who this particular print was by)

And may I add that all the prints are a wonderful quality! I was incredibly impressed with there quality and presentation… they will look just fabulous on my wall.


This next item is one I imagine a lot of people will love… however I’m not one of them. Fairy Loot partnered up with the Tea Leaf Company to produce an exclusive ‘Royal and Rogues‘ tea (and included some disposable team filters)… this I imagine is a very hit or miss item. Some people like tea and some people, like myself, don’t. This was the only item I was disappointed with… however, I’ll be keeping it because the packaging of the tea itself is so awesome and super pretty! Which makes up for it a little bit.


I’ll be honest… when I first saw this item I was a little confused as to what it was. I did guess it was a soap or bath item of some sort but it was only when reading the information pamphlet that it was confirmed to be soap. It smells really awesome and looks super pretty with a glittery shimmer to it. This particular item is said to symbolise something related to this months book… which I’ll be getting round to shortly…  which is why it was included. And just for your information this soap was created by Craftyragamuffin!


Now I was incredibly pumped when I saw a little mug sized box within the Fairy Loot box itself… as someone who is yet to own any bookish mugs but has wanted to for a while now I was incredibly excited to open this. This ‘Queen of Books‘ mug was exclusively designed by the wonderful Readatmidnight!



There isn’t much to say about this item. It’s an adorable little note pad referencing Sarah J. Maas’ ‘Throne of Glass‘ series. It’s super cute and stationary in general is always going to be useful… although… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to bring myself to use it and therefore destroy it’s beauty! This lovely little item was hand lettered by the lovely Alexis Lampley!



Now… this… is officially my favourite item from this box! As a ACOMAF freak this was literally the best thing ever! I absolutely love collecting ‘A Court of Mist and Fury‘ merch and am absolutely delighted to be adding this gorgeous tote to my collection! It’s so pretty… and incredibly handy. I will definitely be showing this item off that’s for sure! (ie. Again not sure who designed this item… but I want to bow to them… because I love it!)


And finally before we get to the book and it’s related items we have this ‘The Wrath and The Dawn‘ inspired pocket mirror designed by the wonderful Bookworm Boutique! I’m a big fan of bookish pocket mirrors and this will be a lovely start to my collection. This is another book I’ve yet to read but I must say I am thoroughly enjoying that quote!



And now for the book!

In this month’s Fairy Loot was ‘Nemesis‘ by Anna Banks which I’ll admit I’ve not heard of but will also admit sounds pretty god damn awesome! The synopsis sounds massively intriguing and essentially right up my alley so I will most definitely be getting round to reading this book very soon. The whole vibe seems to fit in very well with the theme of this box and yeah… I’m excited for it.

Along with the book itself we also got a bookmark, a Parani sketch (of which I ended up with 3?), a signed bookplate and additionally a letter from the author for Fairy Loot subscribers! And as per the norm with Fairy Loot we also had the ‘Fairy Scoop‘ pamphlet which is essentially an interview with the author… always a nice starting spot for a bit of background info when it comes to both the author and the book itself.

So there we have it. Fairy Loot‘s November ‘Royals and Rogues‘ unboxing! I’ll say it once again… I’m impressed… and the delivery time was incredible! 2 days from dispatch to arrive! That’s good to know for these guy’s future boxes… which I will definitely be getting, as long as I still have my job of course! I actually think this box is a really good value for money in reality… because when you think about each item individually you’re looking at the total cost being at least double what you actually pay… so yeah, in reality its really good value for money and includes some really high quality goods! It’s definitely a box I’d recommend for sure!

Let me know if you’re getting/have gotten this box and what you think of it down below in the comments!


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