Meraki Candles November ‘Myths & Legends’ Box – Unboxing & Review


I’ll admit in these past couple of months I’ve really grown to appreciate and love candles… they previously weren’t an item I was at all bothered about but recently I’ve found myself massively drawn to them. Especially the bookish ones! Now as it is some of these bookish candles can be rather pricey however I’ve found one that is UK based (and therefore doesn’t completely slay me on shipping prices), visually ticks the box and smells absolutely amazing… and that is Meraki Candles!

I’ve previously purchased a couple of candles from Heather (who runs the shop) and loved them so when she started doing monthly boxes I was excited… as it was it’s taken me a couple of months to actually get round to purchasing a box but I am incredibly happy I did. Heather includes, in these monthly boxes, 4 mini candles… her pamphlet and bookmark and then an additional 3 items from various shops! And I got all of that for just over £20 including shipping… which lets be honest… is actually a really good price for what you get! Now on to the official unboxing…

Heather always includes a little pamphlet in her boxes detailing what’s actually in the box and it’s relevance… the cover design matches this months ‘myths & legends‘ theme perfectly and comes with an additional bookmark with the same design. And this design is really high quality… it’s detailed and printed on to good quality thin card (?). We also got 2 gorgeous large stickers included this month based on what looks to be mythical creature… they are again of a really high quality and totally adorable in design! All of these items are designed by the wonderful dinomyteart who works with Heather every month to bring these designs to our boxes!

Candle 1 – Jinn

This candle is based off the Jinn from the ‘Ember in the Ashes‘ series by Sabaa Tahir. It’s a mixture of ‘musk, amber and spice‘ and is probably the sweetest, in terms of scent, of all the candles included this month. It almost reminds me of cookies… or cake… with a pinch of cinnamon. It’s definitely a strong smell and one that hits you as soon as you open the tin.

Candle 2 – Atlantis

Inspired by Plato’s works, Atlantis is a mixture of ‘cool water and dewberry‘… it’s the most subtle of the 4 and reminds me of the classic linen smell that goes around a lot in the candle business… however it is stronger than your average linen scented candle and of a slightly sweeter note. I imagine this candle will encourage a rather relaxing atmosphere when I eventually burn it… the scent itself makes me feel calm and collected.

Candle 3 – Robin Hood

Obviously based of the legendary outlaw that has winded up being apart of many of our childhood stories growing up… this candle is a mixture of ‘moss, oak and amber‘. This, much like the Atlantis candle, is more subtle in its tones and has a more relaxing nature. You could definitely imagine smelling this scent within Sherwood forest among the flowers… it’s probably a slightly more feminine smell than what I’d match to Robin Hood but still pleasant and relevant never the less.

Candle 4 – Persephone

Finally we have Persephone.. a reference of course to the Goddess of the Underworld within Greek mythology. Now you’d imagine this candle to be strong.. and dark in nature, however it isn’t. This candle is in fact a mixture of ‘pomegranate and spring‘ and despite not being what one would initially think of when it came to the scent of Persephone it’s still incredibly pleasant. In fact, this is my favourite scent out of the 4 in this box… but that may be because of the fact I have a love of pomegranate!

We then go on to the additional items included in this month’s ‘Myths & Legends‘ box..

cymera_20161126_212617This necklace is from the amazing fromnewleaf, it’s of ‘The Odyssey’ based on the ancient Greek poem by Homer. It’s both beautifully made and fits in perfectly with this months box. I’ve been aware of fromnewleaf for quite some time so was incredibly happy to finally own one of their items!

cymera_20161126_212652Another company I’d always like to own an item of is Behind the Pages and luckily, because of this months box, I finally own at item of theirs!

Included in the box is this wonderful hand made soap based on the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ and rightly named ‘Nessie’… and can I just say, this soap smells amazing! It’s said to be ‘lakes, pine and musk’ and is incredibly strong. Part of me just wants to use it up straight away but I’ll be honest in saying part of me simply wants to save it forever and savor it completely.

cymera_20161126_211715Have a close up on the soap… which might I add is this gorgeous mixture of blue and green (although it does look more of a green tint in the photo)… one of my favourite colours! I genuinely loved that Heather managed to get this item included… it made this box even more of a beautiful scent overload than it already was!

cymera_20161126_212437And then finally we have my favourite of the additional items included… this absolutely stunning bookmark based on Skaoi (or Skadi) of Norse mythology is by the wonderful Till and Dill.

I am a MASSIVE fan of these guys and their work… I already own a number of their bookmarks and I’ll be honest in saying that when I saw this bookmark I came very close to squealing!

cymera_20161126_212540Till and Dill’s design are always incredible and the quality of their bookmarks is always completely on point… ever since I started purchasing from these lovely ladies I’ve always recommended them to other… they really are amazing, both as designers and as human beings, I’ve been lucky enough to converse with them via Instagram and Twitter and I can honestly say they are probably two of the most down to earth people you’ll ever talk to.

Can you tell I’m a fan!? No but seriously this bookmark is gorgeous and I’m incredibly happy to be adding it to my Till and Dill collection that is for sure!

cymera_20161126_211626And then finally I want to mention that Heather always includes coupon’s in her boxes which can be used on any purchases from her shop… they are rated Bronze, Silver and Gold… with Gold obviously being the best of the 3 (I believe you get a free candle? But don’t quote me on that!), you then get Silver (50% off your next purchases and the coupon I was lucky enough to get) and then Bronze (Which I believe is 10% or 15% off your next purchase)… it’s a nice little addition and is very kind of Heather… a way to give back to the purchasers of her box!

And there we have it… a complete unboxing and part review of Meraki Candles November ‘Myths & Legends‘ box! What do you think of all the items included? I personally love them all… the candles were pretty much all on point and the little extras definitely helped push the theme through. And much like I said towards the start… this box is a really good value for money especially if you live within the UK! I would highly recommend checking out Heather and her work… she’s incredibly kind as well as being incredibly talented with her scents as well which is always a bonus!

Hope you enjoyed today’s unboxing… did you get this box? What did you think of it?


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3 thoughts on “Meraki Candles November ‘Myths & Legends’ Box – Unboxing & Review

  1. Shirin says:

    I finally got around to reading this Shannon! I was spoiled by a picture on Instagram (sigh) so I came here for your post 😄! First thing I’d like to say [read: complain about]: I’m still waiting for my box 😭! And now, I love this post! Love how you detailed everything and showed everything nicely. The Till and Dill bookmark is k i l l i n g me! And I cannot wait to use some of these products in pictures as well. All in all, great post!


    • mediashadowreads says:

      Aww man its a shame it got spoiled for you Shirin 😢 It’s annoying that shipping takes so long but unfortunately I think that’s completely out of Heather’s hands… it’s a shame… but yeah… gotta love the worlds mailing service, some are brilliant and quick and others are horrendous…

      The till and dill bookmark killed me as well… it’s utterly gorgeous!! I love the style and I’m keeping my fingers very very crossed that they do more styles like that in the future!!

      Thank you for the compliments as well! ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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