Fairy Loot’s December ‘Sci-Fi Adventure’ – Unboxing & Review


My second Fairy Loot box arrived the other day and I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier. I am beyond glad I decided to take the plunge with these guys and I’m glad that I stuck with it. December’s theme was ‘Sci-Fi Adventure‘ – it was said to be perfect for fans of ‘The Lunar Chronicles, Star Wars, Red Rising and The Starbound Trilogy‘…. non of which I’ve read!Β πŸ˜‚ But despite that this was still an awesome box…Β 


I always love the info cards that come in Fairy Loot‘s boxes… they are genuinely pieces of art. I have the one from last month stuck up on my wall and once I’ve finished taking pictures of this box and it’s contents that’s where this month’s card will go. Anissa and Michael were also kind enough to add a little Christmas cheer to this box with a ‘Happy Holidays‘ card which features a photo of the pair on the other side decked out in good ol’ Santa hats. Got to love these two and their cuteness!


One of the elements I actually look forward to the most is all the art prints included. There are generally 3 individual prints included within each box and each generally refer to a different book… books of which all fit within the month’s theme. The middle print features all the boys from ‘The Lunar Chronicles‘ and was designed exclusively for Fairy Loot by the talented Taratjah. The additional 2 prints were inspired by Becky Chambers ‘The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet‘ and Pierce Brown’s ‘Red Rising‘. (ie. Unsure who designed these particular prints as they are stated to be ‘bonus items’)


I think the item that a lot of people were excited about was the Pop! figure that Fairy Loot announced they were going to be including for the first time. I’ll be honest in saying that as soon as ‘Star Wars’ was initially mentioned I just knew that the Pop! figures were going to be surrounding the franchise. As it is… I’m not actually a ‘Star Wars’ fan (I know… shocking right?), I don’t hate the franchise… I just don’t enjoy it either. But… in saying that this figure is actually rather nice despite me not actually knowing who ‘Rey‘ is!Β Β πŸ˜‚

Rey wasn’t the only figure sent out, there was a selection of 5 Star Wars characters; Rey, Yoda, a Stormtrooper, Princess Leia and C-3PO…. and it just so happen’s I got the only person I didn’t know! But like I already said… the figure is cute and I know how pricey these guys can be so I’m not going to complain!


I love these socks! I have an obsession with patterned socks so I’ve got to be honest in saying that when I saw these guys… I was so happy! As in.. embarrassingly happy! I also happen to love anything with a galaxy-esque theme. These bad boys were designed exclusively for Fairy Loot and I imagine I won’t be the only one saying that I hope they include socks like this in future boxes… I really do think I have some kind of underlying sock fetish!!


Oh no it’s Kryptonite! But don’t worry this stuff won’t harm you… it’ll just make your bath go an awesome green colour!! And… apparently it smells of cupcakes! You can’t really go wrong with that now can you. Imagine if you permanently smelt like cupcakes, I know if I ever found someone like that I’d be wanting to be near them practically all the time! This item was designed exclusively for this months box by the wonderful Geeky Clean!


Next we have some bookish buttons! I do love me some bookish buttons! These were once again exclusively designed by Taratjah and are based on Darrow and Sevro from Piece Browns ‘Red Rising‘ novel! I’ll be honest… seeing these buttons and the looks of the characters is really making me want to read this book! I think I’ve decided on my next read… possibly!



We next have this gorgeous watercolour bookmark created by the ever talented Lexy Olivia with a quote featured in Amie Kaufman’s ‘Starbound‘ trilogy! Again with the galaxy print.. 😍 And I must say… that quote most certainly does ring very true does it not?




When I initially saw this item I thought it was a notebook, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened it to find it was actually a sampler of the novel ‘Way Down Dark‘ by J.P Smythe which is the first book in the ‘Australia’ trilogy! A quote from Juno Dawnson on the back of this mini book definitely caught my eye – ‘Darker than Divergent, more brutal than the Hunger Games‘… wow… lets face it, the true brutality of The Hunger Games isn’t easy to beat so this must be good!


And then we finally have this month’s featured book… ‘Flashfall‘ by Jenny Moyer. This book is said to be a blend of sci-fi and rebellion and sounds incredibly interesting. But in saying that… Fairy Loot‘s choices for their boxes are always interesting! As per usual with every box the book is accompanied by a bookmark, signed bookplate, a letter to Fairy Loot subscribers and the additional ‘Fairyscoop‘ booklet which features an interview with the author.

As it is I’m actually looking forward to reading this, I’m currently coming to the end of ‘Nemisis‘, which was the book featured in last months box and I’m massively enjoying that read. It’s always nice to extend the genre’s of which I read from time to time… as someone who is mainly a fantasy reader that is.

And there we have it guys… an unboxing and review of Fairy Loot‘s December ‘Sci-Fi Adventure‘ box! I really do love the variety of items these guys put into their boxes and I’m looking forward to continuing on my subscription with these guys for sure. Especially looking forward to January’s ‘Mystery & Mischief‘ box… even more so because it’s said to be good for fans of ‘The Night Circus, Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland‘! Couldn’t be more awesome right!?

Anyway I’d like to hear your thoughts on this box, I think it just trails the November box for me… ever so slightly… but that might also be because the November theme and its featured ‘books’ were on point – as soon as ‘A Court of Mist and Fury‘ and ‘Red Queen‘ were mentioned I was already sold!! πŸ˜‚

Happy Reading guys!

Shannon out!

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