My 2016 Wrap Up & Goals for 2017


What a year it’s been. I can honestly say this year has been simply bonkers. There really is no other way to describe it. But 2016 also holds a very special place for me because it’s the year I started bookstagramming and the year I started this blog. I genuinely can’t believe it was back in May I took the plunge into this community after it helped me rediscover me love of reading… it was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’m so happy I’ve stuck with it. Because along with helping me rediscover my love of reading, the community has been a big part in introducing me to wonderful new books, wonderful people, bookish merchandise and much, much more. I honestly can’t thank everyone enough for supporting me throughout my first steps into the bookish community… I’ve met some wonderful people and can honestly say I’ve made some incredible friends because of the simple appreciation of books.

Now in terms of this what’s been going on in terms reading for me this year I’ve got to say I’ve impressed myself. I was previously in a slump which lasted years… then back in April/May time I discovered Bookstagram and the reading community and it made me want to read again. So in May, along with the discovery of Good Reads, I set myself a small challenge of 20 books… I knew how quickly I could slip back into a slump so I didn’t want to push my limit. But as it happen’s my 20 book limit came by very quickly… it was unfortunately after that that I was unable to keep up with the pace I’d managed to do in the months of July and August. Unfortunately it was after that that my reading took took a hit. However in saying that I did manage to read a total of 30 books (plus a couple of re-reads) between May and December of 2016.

And for me… that is a pretty good number.  

I can honestly say I’ve read some amazing, life changing books in 2016 and some of which will honestly stay with me forever. I’ve been able to discover some amazing worlds, met some incredible characters and fallen in love with a couple of them too. I can’t believe how many of the books I read I actually massively enjoyed. Most of the books I read I ended up rating 4 or 5 stars in the end… that’s how good my year was in terms of reading.

So without further ado… here’s the books I read in 2016;

I think we can all see my love of fantasy and YA books, that definitely came through strongly in 2016… I read little other than fantasy to be perfectly honest but I did manage to get a contemporary in there with Jennifer Niven’sHolding up the Universe‘ so I did manage to get a tiny bit of variety in there…. just. That’s going to be something I want to tackle this year in 2017, variety… I’m hoping to read some more diverse books and books of varying genre. Hopefully.

In terms of my 2017 challenge and how many books I hope to read… at this current moment in time I’ve set it to 50 books, I’d like to think one day I’ll be able to set it to 100 books and be able to achieve that but as it is I don’t trust myself to keep up. But in saying that I’m determined to get a lot of reading done this year. There’s also a selection of new releases I’m hoping to speed through once I’ve gotten them and there’s a couple of series’ I want to start and catch up one if possible. That’s another element I’m hoping to tackle, I want to start and finish at least 2-3 series’ minimum… I’ve got plenty sitting on my shelves just waiting to be picked up so that’s most certainly one element I wish to do this year.

In terms of just general challenges and goals though… I’m hoping I’ll be able to reach some kind of milestone for this blog and my bookstagram account… maybe 100 followers here and 2000 on my bookstagram? I’m not sure, in reality numbers don’t mean much but it’s nice to know that your work is being seen and appreciated you know. But either way I’m just hoping to really dedicate a lot of time to both of my main bookish places… I want to try and get at least 20-30 reviews up this year (minimum) and I’d love to be able to stick to putting up at least 1 post every week but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stick to that… it depends what life has coming for me.

Anyhow I wish everyone a happy new year (I know it’s a bit late) and I hope you all have a had a good 2016… onward and upwards right?!

Shannon x

Questions of the day;

  • How many books did you read in 2016?
  • Did you beat your goal?
  • How many books do you want to read in 2017?
  • Any personal challenges? (ie. you want to start a particular series, read a different genre book etc)
  • and finally… the book you want to read most in 2017?

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5 thoughts on “My 2016 Wrap Up & Goals for 2017

  1. Tanya Atkinson says:

    Happy new year, Shannon! Looks like you had some really great reads last year. A Court of Must and Fury was one of my favorites of the year. Waiting for the sequel in May feels like torture. LOL I’ve been meaning to read the Grisha trilogy for ages and hopefully will get to it this year. I set my GoodReads goal at 75 books last year and read 94. I kept this year’s goal at 75, though, just so I didn’t feel any pressure. 🙂


    • mediashadowreads says:

      Happy new year to you too! ACOMAF was my top read of the year for sure and I share the feeling on the waiting part… it is utter torture! I’ve actually still only read the first book in the Grisha series, I need to get round to reading the other two but somehow the urge isn’t there quite yet! XD And thats really well done, I’m hoping I’m going to smash my 50 book goal but like yourself didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself… you never know what life throws your way right!? XD


  2. SweetMarie83 says:

    Happy New Year, Shannon! You read some fantastic books last year. I’m so glad you found the bookstagram and blogging community. I cut back a bit on blogging last year, but I’d like to get into it more this year. Bookstagram feels like my true home now, though.
    To answer your questions, I read 97 books in 2016. My goal was 80. This year my goal is 85. I want to branch out a bit from contemporary, since it’s my go-to, and read more genres, and books about people whose life experiences are different from mine. I hope you have a great year – in general and with your reading – and if you ever need a cheerleader, I’m easy to find and happy to help! 😉

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer


    • mediashadowreads says:

      Happy new year hun! And yes, I most certainly did… I was really lucky with a lot of the books I picked up this past year that I massively enjoyed a lot of them! And I very happy to be part of this community, I can honestly say it saved me… it really did! And I know what you mean by cutting back, I started off really well but my motivation for it dwindled massively before Christmas so I’m hoping to get right back into it soon! And that’s really well done, you smashed your goal! I’m hoping I’ll smash mine too hopefully, but I’ve set it at 50 as to not pressure myself! XD I need to read more contemporary… as it is fantasy is my go to and my ultimate love which is why I said I hope I’ll be able to branch a way from that at least a couple of times this year. Hopefully. Fingers crossed! XD And I hope you have a great year as well sweet… on wards and upwards right!? 😀


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