Fairy Loot’s February ‘Emperors & Fugitives’ – Unboxing & Review

This year the wonderful Anissa and Michael over at Fairy Loot are really pulling out all the stops. I really can’t fault these guys on a lot of the choices they make… the items they select are always of such wonderful quality and fit in the the months theme so well. I really can’t praise these lovely people enough.

This month’s theme was ‘Emperors & Fugitives‘ and was said to be perfect for fans of Rebel of the Sands, Guardians of the Galaxy and Illuminae… to name a few. This box was wonderful… it really was, the majority of the items impressed me massively and I can’t wait to show them and share them with you guys!

CYMERA_20170219_223707I always have to praise these guys on the effort they put into the little things, including the gorgeous info card for example… I like sticking it on my wall of goodies once I’ve finishing photographing everything.

As per usual we also had this months ‘Fairyscoop’ – which essentially included the usual contents of a mini Q&A with the author of this months book as well as some additional info regarding Fairy Loot themselves.

And by the way… I’m loving the ‘book buddy‘ codes they include in their boxes… I’ve yet to actually find my ‘buddy’ but the idea is really really awesome and super cute.

CYMERA_20170219_223604Now onto the actual items included in this months box. The first item I’ve got is a gorgeous ‘Illuminae‘ quote coaster by the wonderful Read At Midnight. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of Illuminae – I unfortunately couldn’t get through it but there is no denying this is a beautiful design. And it happens to be my second bookish coaster within a month… I’ve officially started my collection!

Next we have this lovely candle by Happy Piranha! The name ‘Kalusian Sunset‘ was actually picked out by the author of this months book… I always love when Fairy Loot brings in the author to create some kick ass custom items.

Now whilst this candle is beautiful to look at it is actually quite weak in the scent department… so I was ever so slightly underwhelmed and as it is… I think the true test will be once the candle is lit. It might just hopefully be a case of letting the wax and scents settle and come out a little more. Don’t quote me on that though… as much as I love candle’s I’m not an expert. So yes.. plus point for design but a slight down point for a lack of scent so to speak.


CYMERA_20170219_224205The item I was looking forward to the most was the Guardian of the Galaxy item from the wonderful Funko Pop! – I absolutely adore pop figures and was super excited when I saw this adorable Groot key chain.

It’s my first key chain figure and I’m happy to be adding it to my little Guardians of the Galaxy collection  – I already have Groot and Rocket in full size Pop! figures! I adore them!

CYMERA_20170219_224106Another bath item! Whooo… I seem to have a collection of bookish bath bombs, soaps and powers building up but I haven’t found it within myself to use them yet. But as it is… they do make my room smell lovely!

This cupcake scented ‘Celestial Gunpowder‘ bath bomb was exclusively made by the lovely Bathing Beauties.


I always get so so excited when I see packaging that looks a lot like the lovely Till & Dill’s. It means there’s a epic bookmark waiting and I can sure as hell say this didn’t disappoint.

I’ve said it before that I love these lovely ladies work and this sci-fi chick is so so awesome! The colours and the design are, as usual, amazing and I have to admit these girls have some of the finest quality bookmarks I’ve seen in a good while.

Definitely a recommended shop… plus they are both absolutely adorable and so easy to talk to!

CYMERA_20170219_224405Next we have my first ever bookish pouch! I’ve always been tempted by little pouches before when it comes to bookish merch and I feel like this one will come in handy as a possibly pencil case or to hold little bit and bobs of bookish goodies.

This particular pouch has a ‘Rebel of the Sands‘ quote in a lovely blue text… it’s not the finest of quality in terms of the print however I feel like no matter what kind of pouch you get a lot of them will have a similar issue. It’s still lovely either way so a big well done to Alisse Courtier who hand lettered this exclusive pouch herself!

And then we come to the double sided art print. I love when Fairy Loot has art prints included… I literally have them all on my next to my bookcase and I love it. The designs are always of such a high quality and are generally stunning. And this one is stunning… despite the fact I still have read past book 1 in the Throne of Glass series. Whoops! One day.. hopefully… one day.

But yes, this Manon and Dorian double sided print was an additional added and was exclusively made by the ever talented Taratjah!

CYMERA_20170219_224805Then we have some extra little added goodies for.. well good measure. We have a little sampler booklet of The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr which came in this wonderful little envelope… which I failed miserably at trying to open carefully! After that we have a cheeky little discount code for the wonderful MyBookmark who make the most unique little bookmarks ever… there’s literally feet sticking out of them!

CYMERA_20170219_224603Now.. this month’s book! ‘Empress of a Thousand Skies‘ by Rhoda Belleza! It’s said to be a wonderful combination of sci-fi and fantasy and let me tell you this… the cover is gorgeous! It seems to be on the shorter side in terms of what most fantasy/sci-fi books tend but I’m really hoping it has some good pace to it. I’ve not heard many reviews so I’m looking forward to reading it with a clear and open mind… plus… lets be fair in saying that Fairy Loot wouldn’t include a book that wasn’t at least half decent right!? As per usual as well we have a lovely signed book plate and letter directed to Fairy Loot subscribers… no book mark or print this time which is a shame but the additional items within the box itself most certainly make up for that!

And there we have it… the February unboxing and review of Fairy Loot’s February ‘Emperors & Fugitives‘ box! I’ve already said it up top but these guys really do make some fantastic boxes and I’m so glad I jumped on board with them back in November. I haven’t regretted a moment since.

I always say this but I am really looking forward to next months box…’Myths & Monsters‘… I was pretty much sold at the word dragon! I have such a obsession and soft spot for fantasy with creatures in including dragons. I am beyond looking forward to it. Plus it’s going to be a special one because it’s officially Fairy Loot’s 1 year anniversary and they’ll be including a special pamphlet and purple box! How exciting!

Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts on this box and the items and the book included? What item was your favourite? Mine’s tied between the Till & Dill bookmark and the baby Groot key chain!

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the rest of your week guys!

Shannon. x

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