Fairy Loot’s April ‘Dreams & Wishes’ – Unboxing & Review


It’s that time once again! It’s FairyLoot unboxing time! This month’s theme was ‘Dreams & Wishes’ and is officially my joint favourite box so far (with the November box)! All the items in this box were amazing and whilst the book itself wouldn’t be one I’d pick up for myself I trust Anissa and her team enough to know it’s at least a decent read! 😀

So.. on with the unboxing!



As per the norm we have the gorgeously designed info card! I always like to put these up on my wall… what do you guys do with yours? 😊

We also have included, for the first time, a bookmark based off of the info card print! Anissa and the team are said to making a possible challenge with these guys in the future… exciting!




Next we have one of my favourite items included in a FairyLoot box so far! This beautiful ‘ACOMAF‘ quote mug designed by the ever talented Risa Rodil!

To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered‘ 😍



(Note; sorry for the crappy picture for this one, this item is hard to take pictures of! For me at least!! 😜)

Next up we have another tote bag, last time FairyLoot included a tote bag was actually in my favourite box of there’s – the November box. So I’m incredibly happy to be adding to the collection with this ‘The Bone Season‘ quote tote <- that rhymes! 😂

This tote was designed by another designer I love – Miss Phi!


Next up we have a stunning little note book… it has gold sprayed edges and comes in one of 12 ‘birthstone‘ designs. I ended up with Sapphire – if anyone has my birthstone Ruby and wants to trade feel free to hit me up 😉

These note books were bought to us via Portico! Nicely done guys… these little things are in deed a rare gem <- see what I did there, I’m so funny… hahaha… ha… ha… yeah…




You know whenever Heather over at Meraki Candles teams up with FairyLoot you’re going to end up with one hell of a candle! 😀

This little beauty is not only gorgeously designed, with additional glitter, but also smells of subtle mint, marshmallow and candy floss! How awesome!

Note; ‘Reverie’ is a state of ‘pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts, a daydream’ <- rather fitting with the theme right! 😍




My other favourite item from this particular box is this lovely ‘Dreams‘ enamel pin! I’m absolutely loving pins at the moment and was so so excited by this one when I saw it! It’s so so glittery and pretty and cute! ❤️

This little guy was made exclusively for us by the wonderful House of Wonderland team! 🌈





Next up we have an item brought to us by the FairyLoot team themselves!

This magnet has a ‘follow your dreams‘ quote on it and will definitely be a welcome addition to my fridge downstairs… unless I decide to horde it in my room. Well… it is too pretty to share! 😏






Bonus items; as always the FairyLoot team love to throw in a couple little extras just to add a little more to their boxes. This months extra’s were a ‘Hunted‘ postcard (of which I was accidentally given two! 😆) and a ‘Spindle Fire‘ print/promo card!





Then we have the main attraction! The book of the month.

This months book was ‘Given to the Sea‘ by Mindy McGinnis! I’ll be honest in saying I’ve heard nothing of this book but I’m always up for giving anything a try! As per the norm we also got a couple of related goodies in the form of an author letter and signed bookplate! 😊



And that’s officially a wrap! Once again an amazing box from the FairyLoot team! The items this month in particular just screamed high quality and I think that’s why I’m so attracted to this box. The mug and the pin as I’ve said were my favourite items… they are just so ‘me‘! I can wait to use them, the bag too will come in incredibly handy! I can’t wait to burn the candle as well!

The book itself as again I’ve already said.. I’m still a little unsure of… but, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. You never know it might end up being one of my top reads! Anything is possible right!? 💜

So yes… thank you to Anissa, Michael and the rest of the FairyLoot team for this months little bundle of goodies! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next month, especially as it’s been revealed that the team will be working with the candle store ‘In the Wick of Time‘! As they’re based in the US I’ve never been able to afford any of their candles but now… at least I can say by this time next month I’ll at least own one!! 😆




Next months theme;WARRIORS & LEGENDS





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2 thoughts on “Fairy Loot’s April ‘Dreams & Wishes’ – Unboxing & Review

    • mediashadowreads says:

      I must say I’ve been a sub of theirs since November and I haven’t been disappointed once (granted there was the odd item where I was a bit ‘meh’ – but that’s to be expected tbh). But this box is definitely one of my favourites along with the November box for sure… the items are really high quality! As for Given to the Sea… like I said in my review it wouldn’t have been a book I’d of picked for myself probably but I trust the FairyLoot team enough to know it’ll be a decent read at least… hopefully 😂

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