May TBR (& First Thoughts)


Wow… I haven’t done one of these in a while. I’m not one to usually make set TBR lists for each month because frankly, I don’t stick to them. However… this month I figured I’d try and start structuring my reading for each month again. If I set a certain amount of books to read then it usually pushes me to read that amount!

Anyhow… there’s 4 books of my TBR for this month. I’ve learnt that setting it any higher is going to be disastrous so 4 books it is… 4 is manageable. And so without further ado… here’s my May TBR AND first thoughts!


A Court of Wings & Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

First thoughts;
To be honest this is kind of an expected one. It’s one of my most highly anticipated releases of the year and I genuinely can’t wait to see Rhys again. I’ve already started this book and am loving it so far. Seeing all the crew again just brings a true smile to my lips!! It’ll be a bittersweet end to this particular story line but you never know what the future holds and if Maas will bring the characters back in… anything is possible 😍



Geekerella by Ashley Poston

First thoughts;
This is one that I spotted on a couple of peoples bookstagram’s as well as some booktube videos. It was the cover that initially got me interested but then I read the synopsis and actually… it basically sounds like an amazingly geeky contemporary retelling of Cinderella! I’ve been in the mood for a contemporary or two recently so I’m looking forward to reading this one!



Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira

First thoughts;
Again with the contemporaries. This was actually one I ‘wished for’ on NetGalley with the mindset that I was unlikely to get approved… but… well… that didn’t happenΒ πŸ˜› This book is basically about a bookworm falling in love but getting said love ‘snatched’ from under her feet. That’s pretty much the gist… to be honest, I figured this would be one of those easy ‘lighthearted’ reads I’ve been into at the moment.



Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

First thoughts;
I may have possibly binge read the first two books in this serious at the very start of this month and absolutely loved them. They do have that Twilight vibe but with aliens instead of vampires but I just love them… I actually loved the Twilight books so that’s probably why I am really enjoying this series. It wouldn’t surprise me if I finish the main books by the end of the month but I won’t push it for now!!Β πŸ˜„


And there we have it. The 4 books I’ve set to read this May! Whilst 4 doesn’t sound a lot I think it’s important to note that ACOWAR is nearly a 700 page book and therefore in my mind could very much count as 2 books!!Β πŸ˜„ Also the likelihood is I’ll end up reading more… but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, as it I’m only just catching up on my Good Reads goal and I’d rather stick with slow progress than no progress at all. I’d also like to think I’ve actually got a nice little mixture here… so yes, this month should definitely have some solid reads I reckon!

What’s on your TBR for this month?

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4 thoughts on “May TBR (& First Thoughts)

    • mediashadowreads says:

      I imagined Geekeralla would be a cute read, I’m looking forward to reading it for sure. As for ACOWAR… I only received my copy yesterday (the 4th) so I’m a bit behind… but I’ve read a chunk of it already!


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