[Let’s Have A Chit-Chat] 5 Books That I’d Love To See Adapted Into A Movie/TV Show


*Would you look at that… this is the 9th Sunday in a row I’ve posted! Woop Woop! Not going to lie when you work in a library by yourself for 6 hours on a Sunday you find ways to pass the time and writing a blog post is one of them!*

So I’ve always seen this post around but I’ve never actually comprised my own list of books I’d love to see made into either movies or TV shows. Now.. whats funny is that the amount of TV and movies I watch these past 2-3 years has dramatically reduced… I mean… I’m not even watching them on Netflix or anything. Obviously there are some exceptions, for example all the How To Train Your Dragon items on Netflix I’ve watched at least 4-5 times.. and the Great British Bake-off I’ve just started my 3rd rerun, but in general I just don’t watch a lot of TV anymore and even movies I only really get excited about Marvel…

So this will be an interesting one for me. 

You may also notice a slight theme, I would like to say I would choose from a variety of different genres but we know that won’t happen because I barely read different genres! But anyway.. I shall now get on with my top 5 picks of books I’d love to see become a movie or TV show!


1 – Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD BOOK! I’m not going to lie I could just imagine some of these battle scenes on screen in a movie and it would be pure epic! I honestly can’t imagine who would play Spin’s role or any of the roles for that matter because all I can think about is how amazing the visuals would be!




2 – Spellslinger by Sebastien De Castell 

I feel like people don’t realise how much of a gem this book is. I do unfortunately need to catch up with the series but let me just say this would make an incredible TV show, it could especially be a good thing for a slightly younger audience.. it has magic, trickery and a talking squirrel cat… what more could you want!?




3 – A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I think this is on a lot of people’s list… and honestly I think it does have something which we are missing in both TV and in the movies. A darker fantasy element. Now obviously ACOTAR isn’t exactly the darkest of the dark but it does have more mature topics and is of a darker nature in comparison to a lot of fantasy based movies and TV shows! My only issue with this is that the Rhysand I picture in my head can never ever be beaten!



4 – Caraval by Stephanie Garber

WHEN WILL THIS BECOME A MOVIE!? The magic, the mystery, the wonder… I loved this book and I could just imagine the vibrancy of this book as a movie! I mean, it has a bit of everything to keep the watcher on their toes! Need I say more! I just need to get on board with reading the 2nd book because.. woops… I haven’t yet!




5 – Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

This is the most out of the ordinary one for me but this would be such a heartwarming movie. Honestly I related to the main character in this book so much and the story was just so wonderfully done. It also has mental health representation which is awesome and could be shown so well in this!



And that’s a wrap for my top 5 books I’d love to see as either a movie or a tv show… now obviously there will be more books out there that I’ve missed, brushed over or just haven’t read yet that would be awesome movies. These just so happen to be 5 I’ve read that I could just picture on the big screen!

Let me know down below if you agree with my choices! Who would you cast for them? And what books would you like to see adapted?


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3 thoughts on “[Let’s Have A Chit-Chat] 5 Books That I’d Love To See Adapted Into A Movie/TV Show

    • Shannon @ MediaShadowReads says:

      If Caraval was done right it’d be sooo stunning! God knows who they’d cast though?! That’s the bit I struggle with! And I can’t decide if I’d want a movie or series for ACOTAR… I feel like a lot might be missed out if it was a movie but I don’t know if it’d have enough pace for a series… hmmm 😂


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