The Basics – Me, Myself & I


The basic info;

Hey everyone! My name is Shannon (or you can call me Shaza) and I’m a 22 year old book loving blogger from the ovely East of England! I’m fantasy mad and a extreme lover of all things dystopian. They are my favourites in terms of good ol’ novels. And movies and gaming too. Which are more of my loves. I would add 4 more elements to my list of ultimate loves, they would be marvel, cats, j-pop and k-pop. Yep. My ultimate loves~! Hawkeye is my babe, a kittens purr is music to my ears, VIXX are my k-pop gods and Exile Tribe (Mainly J Soul Brothers!) are my j-pop gods! I’m a little bit mad and shy at the same time, depends on the time and place to be perfectly honest. You’ll also find I love taking pictures of pretty books and all things bookish! I hope you enjoy my blog, I’m enjoying committing myself too it! It’s so fun~!

Where to find me;
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