Fairy Loot’s July ‘Tricksters’ Box – Unboxing & Review


It’s Fairy Loot time once again! I received my July ‘Tricksters‘ box earlier this week and I’m here to share the contents with you guys and give you the load down on what was included as well as what I thought of this months box!

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Fairy Loot’s May ‘Warriors & Legends’ – Unboxing & Review


It’s that time of the month again! Fairyloot time! I love getting this little treat every month… always perks up my day indeed. To be honest.. I’ve been subscribed to Fairyloot since November of last year and I genuinely haven’t disliked one box. This months box was just the same… it had some wonderful items and I know this months book is definitely a highly anticipated one so I’m looking forward to diving in when I’ve got the time!

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Fairy Loot’s April ‘Dreams & Wishes’ – Unboxing & Review


It’s that time once again! It’s FairyLoot unboxing time! This month’s theme was ‘Dreams & Wishes’ and is officially my joint favourite box so far (with the November box)! All the items in this box were amazing and whilst the book itself wouldn’t be one I’d pick up for myself I trust Anissa and her team enough to know it’s at least a decent read! 😀

So.. on with the unboxing!

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Fairy Loot’s February ‘Emperors & Fugitives’ – Unboxing & Review

This year the wonderful Anissa and Michael over at Fairy Loot are really pulling out all the stops. I really can’t fault these guys on a lot of the choices they make… the items they select are always of such wonderful quality and fit in the the months theme so well. I really can’t praise these lovely people enough.

This month’s theme was ‘Emperors & Fugitives‘ and was said to be perfect for fans of Rebel of the Sands, Guardians of the Galaxy and Illuminae… to name a few. This box was wonderful… it really was, the majority of the items impressed me massively and I can’t wait to show them and share them with you guys! Continue reading

Fairy Loot’s December ‘Sci-Fi Adventure’ – Unboxing & Review


My second Fairy Loot box arrived the other day and I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier. I am beyond glad I decided to take the plunge with these guys and I’m glad that I stuck with it. December’s theme was ‘Sci-Fi Adventure‘ – it was said to be perfect for fans of ‘The Lunar Chronicles, Star Wars, Red Rising and The Starbound Trilogy‘…. non of which I’ve read! 😂 But despite that this was still an awesome box…  Continue reading

Meraki Candles November ‘Myths & Legends’ Box – Unboxing & Review


I’ll admit in these past couple of months I’ve really grown to appreciate and love candles… they previously weren’t an item I was at all bothered about but recently I’ve found myself massively drawn to them. Especially the bookish ones! Now as it is some of these bookish candles can be rather pricey however I’ve found one that is UK based (and therefore doesn’t completely slay me on shipping prices), visually ticks the box and smells absolutely amazing… and that is Meraki Candles! Continue reading

Fairy Loot’s November ‘Royals & Rogues’ Box – Unboxing & Review


Ok, so I officially decided to join onto the book subscription box hype this month and decided to take the plunge with the amazing Fairy Loot. This month’s theme was ‘Royals and Rogues‘ and was said to be perfect for fans of ‘A Court of Mist and Fury‘, ‘Red Queen‘, ‘The Wrath and The Dawn‘ and books alike. As my first proper subscription box I can genuinely say I was extremely excited and I’ve got to admit… I was not disappointed. Continue reading